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Citations in the Time of COVID

More than a year into the pandemic, the sad fact remains that, for most California workers, Cal/OSHA seems not to exist. Life and death issues are not limited to what many think of as "dangerous jobs" – they are now a daily reality in workplaces across our state. Personal protective equipment is not just a staple of emergency rooms but also now in our homes and offices. Yet not once have we seen California's governor or any other leader in our state government stand in front of a violating employer and tell the state's workers: "Cal/OSHA is here, and we've got your back."

Over the last few months, 十大赌网app下载 has been lifting up the work that Cal/OSHA is actually doing to hold employers accountable for failing to protect their staff and communities from COVID-19. The agency started a website listing all of their citations related to Covid, 十大赌网app下载早在2020年12月就在社交媒体上分享了它们.

I recommend that you take a look at this Twitter thread. 单独或一起回顾这些引文是一种令人振奋的教育经历, 比阅读DOSH的十大赌网app下载稿或浏览它们的引文页更重要. 是的,文件很枯燥,语言也很死板. 但它们描绘了新冠肺炎期间工作生活的残酷现实. 在大流行期间,工人们在上班时受到了感染和生病, 并排在旧金山的一个蔬菜包装传送带旁(不完美的食品, cited Feb. 11),提供安全(PIH Health Good Samaritan Hospital,引自2月2日. 26),在一个葡萄园里收割(Bayview Vineyards,引证12月26日. 2),在一家杂货店工作. 2)和重建屋顶(特洛伊屋顶,援引3月3日). You can scroll through the Twitter thread 看看所有的单独引用和引用本身.

The Sacramento Bee has documented disturbing questions about disregard for basic workplace safety regulations that appear to be widespread among California employers. There is citation after citation to employers who failed to report hospitalizations and deaths of their workers to Cal/OSHA as required (Prime Healthcare Services, cited Dec. 4; Calavo Growers, cited Feb. 19; Fresno County Sheriff's Office; cited Mar. 9). 许多引用都是医疗机构,如医院(Alta Bates, 3月1日引用). 24)和护理中心(Studio City Rehabilitation Center,引3月. 2)未能执行加州气溶胶传播疾病(ATD)标准. 这一主要规定自2009年起在全国率先实施. (请注意Cal/OSHA的网页文件显示几乎所有这些引用都被上诉了.)

Is this work by Cal/OSHA helping keep workers safe? 雇主是否注意到并改善了他们对要求的遵守? 我们仍然站在这场全球流行病的飓风中, 因此,要就未来如何做得更好得出完全成形的结论,还为时过早. One thing is for sure: a rich, 事实性的公开记录正在发生的事情将是分析的中心. The portrait painted by Cal/OSHA’s citations of California employers for workplace safety violations is important documentation in that effort.