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Safety at Tesla

十大赌网app下载's Tesla Report Gets International Coverage

昨天,十大赌网app下载发布了一份全新的报告,题为《十大赌网app下载》. The report scrutinizes Tesla's health and safety record, questions the company's recent claims, and calls for greater worker involvement.

Over the past several months, 特斯拉的员工已经越来越意识到该公司位于弗里蒙特的旗舰汽车厂存在的潜在安全隐患, California.

In April 2017, workers first requested copies of the OSHA Form 300, 法律要求公司向员工提供的工伤和疾病记录.


我们发现的问题是:2015年特斯拉的可记录总发生率(TRIR)比整个行业的发生率高31%. 以及特斯拉弗里蒙特工厂严重受伤的比例(这些受伤会导致几天的休假), restricted duty, or job transfer) has been approximately double the industry rate.

Within hours, our report garnered widespread media attention across state, national, and even international outlets. Check out a few examples in the LA Times, CBS News, the Gaurdian, Forbes, and the Daily Mail.

围绕这个故事的嗡嗡声表明,我们的努力是重要的、有影响力的和及时的. We're brimming with gratitude for our supporters and allies. You make our work possible, inspire our successes, and keep us focused on the ultimate vision: health, safety, and justice for all workers.

Read the full report here.

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The 十大赌网app下载 Team