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SB 574 Action Alert: Toxic Secrets Put Salon Workers at Risk

DYK? 许多化妆品和个人护理产品中的香味和调味成分都含有已知会对人类和环境造成危害的化学物质.

更重要的是, there are no federal laws requiring companies to disclose these ingredients to workers, 消费者, or even regulatory agencies. 沙龙工作人员特别容易受到隐藏香味成分的负面健康影响. We’re talking cancer, breathing problems, skin disorders, reproductive harm.

That's why 十大赌网app下载 recently traveled to Sacramento to support 某人574(别名), the Cosmetic Fragrance and Flavor Ingredient Right to Know Act of 2019 . 他的法案将要求在加州销售个人护理或美容产品的公司报告任何已知的对人类健康和环境有害的香味或味道成分. 的 California Safe Cosmetics Program would then publish this information on their public database, allowing salon workers and owners to compare products and learn about potential health hazards.

SB 574 has passed the Senate and is heading into an Assembly floor vote in early September. If you agree that workers deserve to know about workplace hazards please 提交评论 to your legislators!

喊出来 Black Women for Wellness, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, Women’s Voices for the Earth for their leadership on this important occupational issue.