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After the Verdict, the Work of Transformational Change Continues

An image of George Floyd based on screenprints by Gilda Posada

Image is based on screenprints by Gilda Posada

十大赌网app下载和一些人一样,为美国法院系统没有再一次上演对正义的嘲弄而松了一口气. We hope that the verdict can provide Mr. Floyd’s family with some small measure of compensation for their enormous loss. We join the country in mourning and honoring Mr. Floyd’s life. 

As a country, we have a very long way to go to achieve fair and equal justice for all, in our courts, our workplaces, our access to health, on our streets, and in so many more spaces. For those of us in the field of occupational health and safety, 由于几代人的结构性种族主义和健康不平等,我们经历了冠状病毒如何不成比例地影响全国的有色人种社区. 

Though the verdict is significant, it will not, in and of itself, end police brutality, anti-Blackness, or the inequities that underlie the realities that Black, Indigenous, and people of color face in America every day. 结构性种族主义及其造成的创伤已深深扎根于我国的结构中. We must all work together to address and heal these harms.  

Transformational change is not the work of the few but of all of us. It will require courage, patience, and stamina. In this, we are reminded of the courage of Darnell Frazier, only 17 on March 25th, who caught the murder of George Floyd on video, and, rising above fear of harassment and threats, posted her video and changed the world. In the past year, we have been proud to witness people all over the world demand justice, not just for Mr. Floyd, but also for Caron Nazario, Ma’khia Bryant, Breanna Taylor, Stephon Clark, Darell Richards, Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo, and so many more. 

十大赌网app下载 joins our allies and partners as we move beyond reacting, and act to continue the work of dismantling systemic injustice and racism. In Solidarity, 十大赌网app下载.